Personal Savings

Learning the habit of saving begins at any age. The younger the better, but it’s never too late to implement the practice of saving. Whether for a rainy day, an unexpected expense, financial cushion, family vacation or a special purchase, a personal savings account is an easy way to set aside dollars. Get started today.

Money Market

Interest bearing and access to your money = a great combination. Stop by any branch and check out the details of a Bank of Anguilla Money Market account to see how it can work for you.

Statement Savings

There’s a reason this account is among the most often requested. A savings account serves as a place to develop the habit of setting aside savings dollars. Whether saving for a child’s education or just protecting dollars from being spent in a checking account, regular savings offers a safe harbor. Small amounts saved on a regular basis grow to be big amounts. More details are available at any branch.

Christmas Club

Steady and painless. Set aside a few dollars weekly and a lump sum of your contributions will be paid to you by check in time for holiday shopping or any special purpose. This account is also a great way to start routine, regular savings. Each year the Christmas Club terminates on November 1st. A check is mailed shortly thereafter. Visit any branch to get more details and open your account.

Certificate of Deposit

Don’t need access to your money for a predetermined period of time? Consider a Certificate of Deposit that pays a competitive rate. We have a variety of CD options to fit your needs and have choices for both short-term and long-term maturity. When preservation of principal with guaranteed return is right for you, a certificate of deposit is a great option:

  • Fixed Interest Rate
  • Fixed Period of Time
  • Penalty for Early Withdrawal

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

One of the smartest, most tax-efficient ways to save for retirement is with an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Bank of Anguilla offers both traditional and Roth IRA plans with variable rate or CD-rate investment options. No monthly maintenance fee. The earlier you get started saving for retirement, the better it is for you:

  • A traditional IRA allows you to contribute pre-tax dollars that can grow tax-deferred. After age 59 1/2, withdrawals are penalty-free and taxed as current income.
  • A Roth IRA allows you to contribute after-tax dollars that can grow tax-deferred. After age 59 1/2, withdrawals are penalty-free and tax- free.
  • A rollover IRA allows you to consolidate your retirement funds when you retire or change jobs. 
  • Maximum contribution and income limits apply. Early withdrawals may be subject to a penalty. Consult a tax advisor for guidance and information on eligibility and which account is best for you.
  • See current rate information on the "Rates" page under Quick Connects.